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All music is pre-cleared. Molehill owns 100% of all masters and publishing. Instrumental versions and WAV files of all material are available upon request. All music registered with ASCAP. Please contact licensing@molehillmusic.com for any placement inquiries.   

New! (Hearts on Fire EP Released May 2017)

“Hearts on Fire” – Uptempo rocker driven by revolutionary spirit | Sounds like: Muse/U2/Bon Jovi

Download – Hearts on Fire

“Reverie” – Sentimental and electronic anthem about loss of loved one | Sounds like: Lorde meets reggae with a male singer

Download – Reverie

“Old Soldier” – Hip-hop groove with lush, gregorian chant vocal lines | Sounds like: Dr. Dre meets Radiohead

Download – Old Soldier


“Two Souls” – Piano driven love ballad with lush strings | Sounds like: Christina Perri – “A Thousand Years”

Download – Two Souls

“A Thousand Fires” – Mid-tempo love ballad | Sounds like: The Police – “Every Breath You Take” | Bridge build at 3 minutes

Download – A Thousand Fires


“I’m Okay” – Cinematic guitar, piano, and strings | Sounds like: Muse/Radiohead

Download – I’m Okay

“Ghost Town” – Synth driven with big melody | Sounds like: The Killers – “Sam’s Town” | Big build at 2:11

Download – Ghost Town

“No Reprieve” – Mid-tempo rocker with falsetto vocals | Sounds like: Muse

Download – No Reprieve


“The Repeating” – Bass driven groove with rock vocals | Sounds like: Depeche Mode

Download – The Repeating

“Tin God” – Big guitar riffs with lush and expansive choruses | Sounds like: Muse – “Knights of Cydonia/Metallica S&M | Orchestra fueled riff-out at 3:43

Download – Tin God

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