RSR + Molehill origin story


On April 22nd we’re opening for Razor + Tie artist Red Sun Rising at Bottom Lounge in Chicago. Tickets.

This is how we met…

We were on tour some years ago in Ohio and had to make a stop for some supplies from your friendly neighborhood Guitar Center. The guy who was behind the counter was exceptionally cool, like cooler than cool.  He asked us if we’d give him a copy of our current LP Equinox. We obliged and left the store.

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2017: It was the best of times, some of the time

It’s been a hell of a year.  It always is in some way.  We’re still here and the Silver Bullet is still running.  There were failures.  There always are. Sometimes I think we feel like our biggest success is keeping the band going. Truthfully, I still get excited about getting into the van and driving to gigs and spending time with everyone.  Getting into the van is strangely grounding, especially when Peter has to remind me to take the skyway exit for the millionth time.  I’m usually talking too much to pay attention to directions.

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