Molehill currently has 1 song being featured on COMCAST ON-DEMAND!!! Check it out. Go to “get local” then “battle of the bands” then “Finally, I” hopefully we will have a second song, “See you later,” available as well in the…


New show posted: 10/30 Halloween-Eve show at Martyr’s in Chicago! 9pm, with Land of Atlantis. Also, stay tuned for 2 live Molehill songs in the next couple months on Comcast On-Demand!


THANK YOU!!!!! to everyone who came to the Molehill/Blind Melon show at Austin’s!!!! The crowd was amazing, we had a great time, and we can’t wait until the next time we play Austin’s! we’ve had a busy 5 weeks, playing…


Thank you SO much to everyone who came to see us last Saturday at Martyr’s in Chicago! Next show: Saturday, 7/5 at the Canopy Club in Champaign


Thank you to Kevin Olson for hosting our band at his house party last Saturday! We had a great time, and hope everyone there enjoyed themselves as well. Next show: June 28th at Martyr’s in Chicago We have 3 shows…


To everyone who came and saw us at Wise Fools Pub last Friday: THANK YOU!!!!! The show was great, the crowd was AMAZING! You guys are the absolute best, and we love you for your support. Thank you also to…

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