Pre-Order Update

Thank you to everyone who has pre-ordered Tin God! We’re really happy to have hit our goal and because of that we are now able to keep the pre-order open until the release date on 02.10.15.  Please visit our pre-order page and get the first song from the album and check out some other cool pre-order packages including art, signed gear, and more!

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First single ‘No Reprieve’ will be available on 1/25

The first single, ‘No Reprieve’ off of the new album ‘Equinox’ will be available exclusively by free download on the Hard Rock Cafe Chicago’s Facebook Page from January 25th (starting at 2pm CST).  Not only are we incredibly excited to share this never heard or performed song from the Equinox sessions but your free download of the song will help us advance to the next round of competition which is a live performance at the Hard Rock Cafe in Chicago.  If we get past that we will be competing for a chance to open the massive festival in London, Hard Rock Calling this July!  Bruce Springsteen has been confirmed as the headliner for the festival.

Here are the steps you can take to help us out and get a free download of ‘No Reprieve’

Only folks living within 50 miles of Chicago can vote, Sorry!

Starting January 25th at 2pm (CST)

1. ‘Like’ the Hard Rock Cafe Chicago Page

2. Download (this counts as a vote) our new song ‘No Reprieve’

3. SHARE this opportunity to others if you like the song and want to help Molehill
-a quick Facebook share, Twitter post, etc goes a long way.

Thanks for your support!

CD Release Show announced

Molehill will rock the new album concert release in style on March 3rd at the Beat Kitchen in Chicago.  A custom light show is being designed by Molehill and K Lite Productions and there will be guest musicians joining us to make this performance an extra special one.  Many more details are in the works and we’ll let you know as they become confirmed.  We truly appreciate everyone that has come along with us on the ride so far and cannot wait to present you with this album and performance!




Recording Log-Post III-Pete


From the files of Pete the Heat


Stardate 10.10.2011


Where do I begin?  In my life so far, I have recorded a total of 3 full length albums with my various bands and solo projects.  The album we are currently recording will be my 4th, and by far the best album I have been a part of.

It’s been a hell of a ride.  Looking back over the past month, I think we’ve all learned a lot about the recording process and ourselves as musicians.  Leading up to our studio time, I was stressed.  I was putting a lot of pressure on myself to make sure I was eating and drinking the right things to help my voice, I was going over all my lyrics, fixing things up here and there, sometimes re-writing entire songs.  I didn’t know what to expect from the guys at I.V. Lab, but I knew one thing – I wanted this album to be great, and I wanted to give every bit of energy and focus I had to make sure this was the best album we could possibly make.  I want the music I make to be something I can be proud of later in life.  Whether or not this album brings us any success as a band, I just wanted to know I gave 100% and did the best I could do.

Fast forward to last night, finishing up my lead vocals for the last 2 songs we had left, and finishing up guitars for good.  I was feeling loose, and I was in a great mood.  All of our songs are sounding better than they ever have.  It’s crazy to think that we’re actually almost finished with this thing.  There have been some frustrating moments over the last few weeks for sure, but in the end I DO feel like I’ve given it my all, and I DO think this is something I will be proud of for the rest of my life.

In the first few days of tracking, we laid down all the bass and drums, and Trevor and Devin, as usual, killed it.  After that, we did a week straight of rhythm guitar tracks.  Heading into that, I’ll admit, I was cocky.  In the past, I’ve always knocked out rhythm guitar tracks in one or two takes.  Then again, in the past I’ve never been recorded by Chris Harden of I.V. Lab.  Chris has one of the best ears for rhythm, and he was the toughest critic I’ve probably ever had on my rhythm playing.  It turns out that I was almost ALWAYS rushing.  There were some days that I would just leave the studio fuming, but it was all for the best, because now I feel like I have learned something about my playing which will certainly make me better.

Speaking of things I used to do in one take – the next week was lead vocals.  Or, it was SUPPOSED to be finished in a week.  Chris pushed me harder than I’ve ever been pushed though.  Even when I thought I was nailing songs on 2 or 3 takes, Chris would make me do about 10 takes (greedy bastard) just looking for that “perfect performance”.  Well, it worked, and the songs are really slamming.  The only downside is that I’m not used to pushing my voice like that!  10 takes of one song is basically a full concert’s-worth of singing!  So I came in thinking I could do 4 songs per day, it ended up being only TWO songs per day.  As a result, we had to stretch out our recording time a bit more, but it’s all worth it in the end.

Now it’s so rewarding to listen back to all these tunes, knowing all the hard work that went into each and every one.  From playing rhythm guitar tracks over and over again while Chris says “rushed a little bit on that one”, to singing my 10th take of a huge chorus trying not to blow out my voice, to Greg playing a sweet iPad solo while Trevor and I jealously stand over him and watch.  We even found some time to relax and enjoy ourselves – making beer runs at the end of a long Friday session and knocking a few back with Chris and Manny.

And really, if I came to any sort of deep realization during this whole process, it’s that I need to find that time to relax and enjoy myself.  Music has been my passion and my dream for most of my life.   But I can’t worry about whether or not my band is successful or who does or doesn’t like us.  What’s important is that I don’t take experiences like this for granted.  Spending a month in a recording studio is something a lot of people never get to do.  As much as I try to treat this band like my job and push myself to give it my all, it’s important to take a minute to try to enjoy myself as well.  Of course, that can be hard sometimes when you’re on your 10th vocal take of your favorite song and it just doesn’t sound right…

That must be why God created beer.



Recording Log-Post II-GVZ

Hey all, 

Greg here from Molehill.  Recording this album has been an exhausting, exciting, humbling tour de force of music making.  We are busting our asses because we all know how lucky we are to have this chance.  Pete the Heat (our Veteran and Captain) has been at this a long time, but in many ways we feel like this is a new band.  We have a new line up, we have new songs, and now a new record.

Under the “Studio Microscope”

After years of kidding myself and thinking that I am “above” practicing with a Metronome, it turns out I’m not (insert Trevor Jones “I told you so” hereJ).  I spent 4 hours last night in the studio touching up all the piano I recorded on our first weekend of tracking.  When playing live, so much is forgivable.  Maybe you rushed a little, you dragged a little.  No one cares if the energy is up and the song is rocking.  In the studio, no one is safe.  No one can hide.  Either you are playing the part correctly, or you aren’t.  I learned a TON about my playing because of this, and ultimately I’m going to become a much better musician because of it.  I’m thankful that my bandmates are so supportive of this fact.  Devin (who is a sheer monster in the studio) pulled me aside and said “yo Greg man.  This is where we all start.  This is how we get better”.  Or something of that nature.  Dev is the best.

Experimenting and More!

The best part of recording is experimenting.  This album is covered with all of the things we WISHED we could do live.  It turns out that I am quite a gifted iPad player (we found an awesome synth App).  Peter got to use dozens of different guitars and amps.  Big Jones got to play on a seven thousand dollar Warwick bass.  I got to live in a room for a week with 5 different vintage synthesizers and keyboards.  We put in all the hard work coming up with interesting parts for the past 2 years, in the studio we got free reign to play around and enjoy the fruits of that labor.  We even had two horn players come in and lay down some trumpet and trombone tracks.  Why?  Because sometimes you just have to get your Neil Diamond on.

The Future…

I could write chapters on all of the incredible and eye opening experiences the recording process has given me.  However, I’ll spare you the sentiment (actually I won’t) and leave you all with this.  Molehill has been through a lot together these past few years.  We have shared many highs, and many lows.  This album represents more then just music.  The album itself captures the spirit of these shared experiences.  Happiness.  Growth.  Love.  Loss.  No matter where Molehill ends up, I can say with confidence that I have not been more proud of anything I’ve done up to this point.  I can’t wait for you to hear it.