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So many emotions after a night like Saturday’s. Happiness, excitement, optimism…… The Equinox album release show at the Beat Kitchen went as well as we could have hoped for.  Rarely are we involved with a show where everyone from the artists to the club, to the lighting designer, to the sound engineer to the booker is as invested in making a show as successful as Saturday’s was.  Most importantly it was the folks who absolutely packed that room to capacity that made Saturday so special.

Countless hours are spent organizing all the details for an Album Release show.  None of it…..absolutely none of it matters without the support of an audience.  We, in Molehill feel privileged to be able to perform for as many good people as we did on Saturday night. Pictures and videos have started to creep in from the show and those will be a long lasting reminder for  what a great experience the Equinox release show was.  Those pale in comparison from the feeling that we got from being there, in those moments.  This is what it’s all about…those moments keep the tank full, those moments make all the work worth it.

The release of Equinox will come and go and that piece of all of us will go out into the world on March 6th.  We truly hope you can find something in the music that you can hold onto and make your own.  We can’t wait to have a collective experience like that again.

All of our gratitude and love,





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