Ahhhh life on the road. Can’t wait to get back out there!

Ahhhh life on the road, the life we were meant for!

2 weeks ago, we opened for the one and only Bret Michaels at Joe’s on Weed St. in Chicago.  This was such a fun show.  Joe’s is a great venue, huge stage, and the biggest crowd we’ve ever played for!  Great exposure, and we have to thank both Bret Michaels and Joe’s for giving us the opportunity!

The next day, we were honored to be part of the 2-night Chicago Roots Collective Festival at the Elbo Room in Chicago!  This was such a cool event, and a great atmosphere!  10 full bands and 18 acoustic artists, totaling over 75 Chicago musicians in 2 nights!  Not only did we have a great set, and a great time playing, but it was just a fantastic experience to have so many musicians (and music lovers) together in one place supporting eachother.  One fun addition was that each band covered each other, so (hopefully) soon we will be able to put our cover of Goodbyehome‘s song “Rain Dance,” as well as Jackpot Donnie‘s cover of our song “Let’s not get sentimental” online!

After this rocking Chicago weekend, we went back on the road, with stops in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C.!  Returning to Pittsburgh and Philly, and DC are always great and things keep getting better and better!

In Pittsburgh, we played the Smiling Moose, which is on a very cool strip on the Southside of town, and we played with two great bands – the Hypnogerms and Casino Bulldogs.  This was on a Thursday night, but we still had a good crowd, in a cool small rock club.  Then in Philly, we played with 4 other great bands, including our new friends The Real Feel, and once again, had a great crowd!  We played at the Grape Room in Manayunk – which is also a very hip spot!  Very cool area, lots of cool clubs and restaurants everywhere you look.  And it had very nice Christmas decorations lining the streets!  And who knew they used Cheese Whiz in a Philly Cheesesteak?!

We finished the tour in DC.  This was by far our best DC show ever, in the newly renovated Red Palace.  Not only did our wonderful friends and fans come out to support us, as always, but we played with two fantastic bands – Modern Man and The Vita Ruins.  The result of which was a huge crowd, and a very successful night for the venue in only its first week of existence!  We got such a great reaction from the crowd, and we really think we made some lasting connections not only with the other bands but with many audience members as well!

We are just doing our best, plugging away, and trying to grow as a band.  And each and every one of you who have been coming out to our shows have been a part of it!  Without such great support, we would never be able to make as much progress as we have in the past year!

And on that note, the year is just about over for us here in Molehill.  Only one show remains (which, by the way, will be AWESOME) – December 3rd at the Frequency in Madison, Wisconsin.  But we are not going to be relaxing TOO much… instead we are making the most of this free time to write new songs and get ready to hit the studio next Spring!

So until next time, keep checking back to the website for new show listings, and we’ll see you at the next Molehill show!

-Peter, Trevor, Devin, and Greg



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