Molehill Bio – Hostage EP

Molehill Band Photo

People keep telling us how lucky we are to be a band over the last 10 years.  I think we know that, but it’s hard when you’re slogging through the day-to-day work that you encounter as a self-managed band.  You get caught up in the creative process, the vision, the personalities. It all comes into focus when someone almost leaves the Earth.  That happened to us. Twice.

We had demoed around 25 songs for this EP and were getting close to picking which ones to record and then we got a call on a Sunday evening – Devin collapsed.  He was going to be ok, but he nearly died. You’re shook after a call like that. You think of his smile on the bandstand, the guy listening to music on the back bench of the tour van, and those crushing beats.  It’s ok though, we get to record another one together.

Then a few weeks later, an email – Pete, while riding his bike, collided with a SUV.  He was in the hospital. He had a broken elbow, he was going to be out of commission for a bit, but he would be ok.  Shook again. You think of how hard this guy has been working on music, life, and it was almost over in an instant.

A few months later we headed to Brooklyn to record with Justin Gerrish.  We had known of Justin for the better part of a decade, first through his work as Rich Costey’s assistant, and subsequently through his engineering, mixing, and now producing.

Like all Molehill sessions, we dove right in.  The wall of vintage synths, the not-quite-finished studio, the lack of crash cymbals and the hand claps.  Seriously, the inspiring hand claps. This was the right fit at the right time.

We’ve been distilling for years.  On the road, in conversations, in the studio.  These songs are the glimmer of light ahead of us.

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