Chomping at the bit…

I can feel it in my bones!

Getting antsy… practice guitar, warm up voice.  I hope I can get some sleep tonight.

We haven’t played as a full band since our show in Madison on December 3rd of 2010.  Now here we are, Thursday, January 20th, and we are FINALLY getting back on stage tomorrow!

Oh yeah, doesn’t it feel good.  This is what we were put here to do!  Huge show in Chicago tomorrow – with How Far to Austin, Ben Ripani Music Co., and the Wet Darlings at the Beat Kitchen.  This place is gonna be PACKED.  Let’s hope we get the video cameras rolling because it’s gonna be a good one.

Then down to Champaign the next day.  Taking the beloved Molehill van – The Silver Bullet – through the snow down to my old college hood.  This should be a good one too, with Jet W. Lee, The Fresh Kills, and the Palace Flophouse.

Then back to work for 3 days…. boring

Then next Wednesday we will be performing 4 nights in a row!  Indianapolis, Columbus, New York City, and THE Hagerstown Maryland.

I cannot wait.  Just got an oil change for the Silver Bullet, just changed strings on the guitar, no time for a hair cut….

Oh yeah, and GO BEARS!!!

-Pete the Heat


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