Fall Tour Wrap-Up

…from the Manhart logs, October 16th, 2014.

And that’s a Molehill tour season!  After our upcoming show at the Double Door in Chicago, we will be calling it a year for Molehill shows.

Summer started out HOT…  and… hairy.









We had a great Summer… with shows in Gettysburg,  Akron, Chicago, Indianapolis, Libertyville, Kansas City, Omaha, Port Clinton, Mansfield, and Moline.  However, this isn’t a Summer tour wrap-up, so I opted just to share that one sweet Summer picture with you.  I hope you enjoy it.  I know I do.

Plowing ahead…




In early August, we shot a music video for our upcoming single off the new album.  We can’t wait to share it with everyone.  GVZ found this tiny toy saxophone backstage (next to the life-size Snoopy doghouse and the bright blue wooden rowboat) and entertained us during some downtime.  Dude plays a sick toy sax solo…


Then we had a photo shoot for the new album.  GVZ and Trevor were getting weird…



We played Loftapalooza at the Music Dealers Loft in downtown Chicago with a couple other kickass bands, and then we went to Moline, IL. We were late to the gig, I ended up leaving my wireless microphone at the venue after we left, and Trevor forgot to bring his long pants. One of those nights, I guess.




I tried taking one picture of Trevor on stage, but I believe his bare legs created a lens flare effect on my camera’s phone.  Crazy…


Then we attended and played the Yellow Phone Music Conference in Milwaukee, WI.  What an amazing event this was!  We got to meet hundreds of other like-minded Midwestern musicians and music professionals, and we got to perform with some of them as well!  One highlight was Trevor’s 20 minute conversation with Butch Vig.  Or, as Trevor calls him now, Butch.




After this, it was off to the dynamic duo of Akron and Canton, Ohio….


Let’s see… First, we nimbly avoided some pee while loading out in Akron….







We hiked through a beautiful forest and saw this lake in Kent…


We watched music videos on a giant projector at Shisho’s house…..


(check out this beauty here)




And then we played.


You heard the sign!  Play!


We swung by Muncie, IN, and Peter got a splinter in his thumb from the stage….

IMG_2069 IMG_2070

IMG_2071 IMG_2072

…and we spent about 30 pointless minutes passing around rusty thumbtacks and pliers to try to get it out.


IMG_1961Off to Bowling Green and Columbus.  Greg was talking shit about his van-packing game –  no Manharts needed.

We all know that everyone gets lucky once.


We passed some farms, I did some vocal warmups…

IMG_2104 IMG_2101

IMG_2106 IMG_2107

we got ready…

And then we jammed out!


And then Zoo Trip jammed out.  And it was glorious.



Seriously.  We love these guys too much.


Then we got in the Molemobile and went home

IMG_2064I wish we had a car like this that we called the Molemobile… sigh


 And then one final show at Mickey Finn’s in Libertyville.  The best pic I have from that night is Trevor and Greg loading our gear through the window of the club.  Love that window.  Love that venue!


And that brings us to today.  10 shows down this Fall, and one more to go on November 21st at the Double Door in Chicago.

(RSVP here for $5 tickets)


After that, we will be finished touring behind the album Equinox!  That feels so weird to say!  We’ve played over 100 shows now in support of this album, and we’re all so proud of what we’ve accomplished.  Since we released Equinox in March of 2012, we’ve made great friends and fans, played many cities, and gotten better as a band and as musicians.  And we’ve gotten to know a lot about each other and about ourselves… it’s been a trip.

I am very excited for what the future has in store for us –  We are releasing our new album this February.  We recorded it in April in Nasvhille, and I can’t wait to share it with everyone!  And after that, things are sure to only get better!

So Fall 2014 Molehill Tour was great.  2014 in general has been great for us.  Thank you to everybody who supported us this year, and we can’t wait to see you all again.  We love you all!

Pete “The Heat” Manhart


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