Goodbye 2010, it’s been real!

Happy Holidays from us here in Molehill!  We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and/or had a great Hanukkah!  Also, while you’re at it, have a happy New Year!

2010 was a fantastic year for Molehill!  Let’s take a look back at all we accomplished:

–  We added our 4th and final band member in January – Greg Van Zuiden on the keyboards!  Greg has been such a great addition, and is not only a talented keyboard player and songwriter, but also a great guy!

– We opened for 3, count ’em, THREE major label acts this year!  The Elms, Royal Bliss, and Bret Michaels!  Check out the newest review of the Bret Michaels show at Windy City Rock, or the slightly older one at Ourvinyl.

– We also played in a lot of new cities this year.  Not only around the Chicago area, but also did 5 East Coast tours, including a great showcase at the Millennium Music Conference to start the year!

-Most importantly, we got to meet YOU!  You wonderful people come out and support us, thank you so much!  We work hard at what we do to write music and get out there playing shows, but it would all be meaningless if nobody came out to see us.  So thank you all, from the bottom of our hearts!  Any little bit of success that we have, it’s all thanks to you.  Thank you for supporting original music!

We have plenty to look forward to in 2011.  For starters, we just recorded a podcast at The Chicago Acoustic Underground last Friday.  It’s not on the website yet, but should be ready for your listening pleasure around the first week or January.

We also have plenty of shows coming up, starting with our first Chicago show of the new year at the Beat Kitchen.  This is going to be a fantastic show, with The Wet Darlings (Columbus, OH), as well as Molehill, How Far to Austin, and Ben Ripani Music Co. Check the facebook event for special promotions.  Not only will we give free tickets to a few randomly selected people from the “attending” list, but we will also be buying one free beer for EVERY person who gets to the venue by 8:15!  And who doesn’t love free beer?

We have plenty more shows after that as well, just check the UPCOMING SHOWS section of our website.

Thanks again, and we’ll be seeing you all in 2011!!

-Peter, Trevor, Devin, and Greg


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