GVZ-2011 Love

I started subbing for Molehill in January of 2010.  January 2012 will mark two years of playing with Molehill.  In that time I have lived with Trevor “The Commissioner” Jones and Pete “The Heat” Manhart.  I also have gotten to know the subtle wiles and mystique of Mr. Devin Staples.  The four of us together make up Molehill.  Together.  This is why I love Molehill, and why it is so special.
Staying together for two years is no small feat.  Finding four individuals who share a common vision is tough enough.  Think of all the schedules, personalities, egos, preferences and countless other factors that make up this weird thing called “A Band”.  The ultimate kicker is can you stand to be in a van with these people for 12 hours straight?  The answer is resoundingly yes.  In fact, we all ENJOY being in a van together for 12 hours.  Well, enjoy is a strong word, but I think we all agree that we wouldn’t want to endure the road with anyone else.
 Devin has much more road experience than all of us.  He’s seen it all.  Band members fighting, swearing, putting each other down.  Imagine literally hating the person who you play shows with?  This is the downfall of so many bands out there.  Not us.  We take the music and the craft very seriously, but we do not take ourselves seriously.  I think this is where many bands fail.  I hope we never lose sight of this founding principle.
2011 has been a huge year for us!  We’ve been touring, writing songs like crazy, and finally we’ve gotten the chance to record them!  Our coming album in March represents all the work of these past 2 years.  2012 will be our biggest year yet!  Get excited for some big things!  Thank you all for your love and support.  We won’t let you down!  See you soon at a sweaty rock show near you.-GVZ


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