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All music is pre-cleared. Molehill owns 100% of all masters and publishing. Instrumental versions and WAV files of all material are available upon request. All music registered with ASCAP. Please contact for any placement inquiries.   

New! (Hearts on Fire EP Released May 2017)

“Hearts on Fire” – Uptempo rocker driven by revolutionary spirit | Sounds like: Muse/U2/Bon Jovi

Download – Hearts on Fire

“Reverie” – Sentimental and electronic anthem about loss of loved one | Sounds like: Lorde meets reggae with a male singer

Download – Reverie

“Old Soldier” – Hip-hop groove with lush, gregorian chant vocal lines | Sounds like: Dr. Dre meets Radiohead

Download – Old Soldier


“Two Souls” – Piano driven love ballad with lush strings | Sounds like: Christina Perri – “A Thousand Years”

Download – Two Souls

“A Thousand Fires” – Mid-tempo love ballad | Sounds like: The Police – “Every Breath You Take” | Bridge build at 3 minutes

Download – A Thousand Fires


“I’m Okay” – Cinematic guitar, piano, and strings | Sounds like: Muse/Radiohead

Download – I’m Okay

“Ghost Town” – Synth driven with big melody | Sounds like: The Killers – “Sam’s Town” | Big build at 2:11

Download – Ghost Town

“No Reprieve” – Mid-tempo rocker with falsetto vocals | Sounds like: Muse

Download – No Reprieve


“The Repeating” – Bass driven groove with rock vocals | Sounds like: Depeche Mode

Download – The Repeating

“Tin God” – Big guitar riffs with lush and expansive choruses | Sounds like: Muse – “Knights of Cydonia/Metallica S&M | Orchestra fueled riff-out at 3:43

Download – Tin God

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