“Money Life” Premieres on Pop ‘stache


We’re stoked that our friends and purveyors of great music over at Pop ‘stache are premiering our new animated music video for our song “Money Life”.  Check it out HERE

The Story Behind “Money Life”
I wrote Money Life the day I got a job offer for a trading job in downtown Chicago, and played it that night at an open mic.  It’s about the fear of pushing aside your dreams for the sake of making money, and pretending you’re somebody you’re not, and maybe eventually getting so far along in that pretend life that you can’t get back to your true self and true passion.  The monkey in the video represents any person with a passion for something who feels forced to work in any job/corporate setting/whatever.  He is taken out of his native environment where he can do the thing he loves (for him, swinging from a vine, for someone like me – creating art), and he is trained to sit behind a desk and make money and eventually run some huge corporation.  Whenever he sleeps, he dreams that he is back in the jungle doing what he loves, but he continues with his journey up the corporate ladder.  When he is old and filthy rich, he finally decides to go back and give his dream a try – grabbing a vine and trying to swing like he used to.  But it’s too late, he can’t swing from trees like he used to, and he falls to his death.  In theory, he could have tried to escape back to the jungle years ago, but he bought into the “money life” and pushed aside his dreams, and died old, alone, unhappy, and unable to make his dream a reality.  This is what I am afraid of doing myself, so the video helps to remind me what my priorities in life should be when I find the hunger for money and power getting a little too strong.





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