Recording Log-Post II-GVZ

Hey all, 

Greg here from Molehill.  Recording this album has been an exhausting, exciting, humbling tour de force of music making.  We are busting our asses because we all know how lucky we are to have this chance.  Pete the Heat (our Veteran and Captain) has been at this a long time, but in many ways we feel like this is a new band.  We have a new line up, we have new songs, and now a new record.

Under the “Studio Microscope”

After years of kidding myself and thinking that I am “above” practicing with a Metronome, it turns out I’m not (insert Trevor Jones “I told you so” hereJ).  I spent 4 hours last night in the studio touching up all the piano I recorded on our first weekend of tracking.  When playing live, so much is forgivable.  Maybe you rushed a little, you dragged a little.  No one cares if the energy is up and the song is rocking.  In the studio, no one is safe.  No one can hide.  Either you are playing the part correctly, or you aren’t.  I learned a TON about my playing because of this, and ultimately I’m going to become a much better musician because of it.  I’m thankful that my bandmates are so supportive of this fact.  Devin (who is a sheer monster in the studio) pulled me aside and said “yo Greg man.  This is where we all start.  This is how we get better”.  Or something of that nature.  Dev is the best.

Experimenting and More!

The best part of recording is experimenting.  This album is covered with all of the things we WISHED we could do live.  It turns out that I am quite a gifted iPad player (we found an awesome synth App).  Peter got to use dozens of different guitars and amps.  Big Jones got to play on a seven thousand dollar Warwick bass.  I got to live in a room for a week with 5 different vintage synthesizers and keyboards.  We put in all the hard work coming up with interesting parts for the past 2 years, in the studio we got free reign to play around and enjoy the fruits of that labor.  We even had two horn players come in and lay down some trumpet and trombone tracks.  Why?  Because sometimes you just have to get your Neil Diamond on.

The Future…

I could write chapters on all of the incredible and eye opening experiences the recording process has given me.  However, I’ll spare you the sentiment (actually I won’t) and leave you all with this.  Molehill has been through a lot together these past few years.  We have shared many highs, and many lows.  This album represents more then just music.  The album itself captures the spirit of these shared experiences.  Happiness.  Growth.  Love.  Loss.  No matter where Molehill ends up, I can say with confidence that I have not been more proud of anything I’ve done up to this point.  I can’t wait for you to hear it.




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