RSR + Molehill origin story


On April 22nd we’re opening for Razor + Tie artist Red Sun Rising at Bottom Lounge in Chicago. Tickets.

This is how we met…

We were on tour some years ago in Ohio and had to make a stop for some supplies from your friendly neighborhood Guitar Center. The guy who was behind the counter was exceptionally cool, like cooler than cool.  He asked us if we’d give him a copy of our current LP Equinox. We obliged and left the store.

Lo and behold, some time later, this dude (with an angelic voice) contacts us. He reminds us that his name is Mike and we met him at the Guitar Center outside of Akron. He also reminds us that he plays in a band called Red Sun Rising and we should play a show together. Figuring this would be a standard show trade we invited the guys to open for us at a tiny club, in Chicago, called Township. They arrived and conquered. Seriously, they brought the HEAT. 

Fast forward 4 years later we never did get that show trade. Mike and Ryan did come and see us play for about 15 people in Akron and stood front and center the entire time. Stand up dudes, those ones. Also, somewhere in there Mike’s wife Kerra cut Peter’s hair. It looked stunning.

Anyway, I’d say the wait was worth it. The guys signed to Razor + Tie and had two #1 singles on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Songs chart on their debut album Polyester Zeal. 

They’re back, with their follow up, Thread and we’re stoked that Mike asked us to open for them in Chicago.  We hope you will join us for a fine night of music.

Get your tickets.


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