Running on all cylinders-new record

Molehill has had an interesting start to 2011….

All our great fans and friends helped us kick the year off with an almost SOLD OUT room at the Beat Kitchen on one of the coldest night of the year.  Then we had to unexpectedly switch it up to some acoustic versions of our tunes and mix some rarely played songs into the set.  Peter, Greg and I trucked down to Champaign then to Indy and ended the short tour in Columbus, OH.  All in all the acoustic sets were really well received.  You can read a review of the Columbus set HERE

We’ve been writing a lot of new material, trying it out in rehearsal, working on it more and sometimes just throwing out ideas that don’t seem to work.  It’s tough to remember sometimes but Molehill as in its current (and most cohesive) lineup has only been together for just about a year now.  It’s one big relationship and we’re figuring out how to work together and really define who we are as a band.  For those of you who have stuck with us over the years we hope you have seen the changes for the better.  We played about 40 dates last year and those live performances have made us grow as musicians and friends.

New Album News

We have listened to a ton of producers, checked out some studios, and have been trying to find the best fit for the new recordings.  We’re going to have at least a full album when it’s all said and done and probably some extra singles and B-sides as well.  There are a ton of ways to go about making a record but we have decided to take the slow route and really take our time and make sure we plan for as much as we can so we can put out the best product we can.  There are always surprises you just can’t be prepared for and that’s what keeps us honest.  Now that we have a consistent line up we have been able to focus on touring and putting out music…what a relief!

We will be recording a live set at Audio Tree in Chicago in a few weeks and then we have two showcases at the Millennium Music Conference in Harrisburg, PA this month one of which Molehill will be opening for SideOneDummy Records artist Jesse Malin and the St. Marks Social and then we pick up again a month later in Milwaukee.  There are a lot of tour dates being worked on right now for the Spring and we can’t wait to get on the road again.

This is an exciting time for us and we are so grateful that more and more of you are coming along for the ride.  The only way we are growing is because of everyone who sees us and spreads the word.  For that, we are forever thankful.  Can’t wait to see you at the next show!



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