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What is this picture, you ask?  It is a memento from our first show in NYC a few years ago.  After scanning through my phone looking at pictures from the last few years it reminded of Pete’s epic negotiating session with an animated New Yorker to bring this beauty to its rightful home.  The name of this amazing piece of art that proudly hangs in the Manhart residence is titled “BallsSackFace”—see at bottom of picture… is important it is spelled as one word.  I digress……

Molehill is taking a break from live shows in the month of July.  We have lots of Fall dates in the works and they will be announced as soon as they are booked.

We have a over 20 songs that we are considering for the new record and more are getting written every week. We will hit the studio on August 26th to begin three and a half weeks of recording. This album has been a long time coming and we are pretty damn excited to finally get this material recorded and out to you.

Before we enter the studio we will perform at the Beat Kitchen on August 20th with our favorite band from Columbus The Wet Darlings and the stellar Chicago group  Amrita!  We couldn’t be more excited about this lineup….this is a show that you will want to check from beginning to end.  The Wet Darlings are one of the most requested artists on Columbus radio and Amrita is coming off a great performance at MOBFEST 2011 in Chicago.

Can’t wait to see everyone soon–

Love to you all,

The Heat, TJ, GVZ and D Staples



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