Uncommon Ground Residency


We’re stoked to announce that Peter will be hosting an “In The Round” Songwriter Circle at Uncommon Ground (Devon location) every Monday in the month of August.  Each evening features artists that have been invited to perform by members of Molehill.  Each week you can hear Peter and three other talented songwriters tell stories and share music in one of the best listening rooms in Chicago.  This is an experience that is going to be quite different from your Molehill concert.  We invite you to call ahead and reserve a table for a great night of entertainment.


Peter Manhart
Jessica Paige
Jack Brett (of As Fourty Sleeps)
Kate Quinby


Peter Manhart
Jeff Klemm (of Maid Myriad)
Stephen Francis (of Model Stranger)
Paul Gulyas (of The Shams Band)


Peter Manhart
Lesleigh Arratia (of Ariada)
Bobby Minelli
Josh Lava


Peter Manhart & Molehill – Special Acoustic Set
Kevan Eftekhari (of Robot Lounge)
Patrick Gemkow
Danny Surico (of The Future Laureates)


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