Unfortunate news – 2 shows cancelled

We are sorry to say that we have had to change our tour schedule a little bit for this week.

Due to personal issues, we are still playing our 1/26 show in Indianapolis and 1/27 show in Columbus, only now as an acoustic duo with Peter and Trevor rather than a full band show.

Unfortunately, we have had to pull out entirely from the 1/28 show in New York City and 1/29 in Hagerstown.  However, please note that these shows are STILL HAPPENING.  Heylady will still be performing at Arlene’s Grocery in NYC on Friday the 28th at 11pm, and Booker Lee & the County Fair as well as the Independent Democratic Republic will still be performing at the Broad Axe in Hagerstown, MD on Saturday the 29th.

We apologize to everyone who was planning on coming out.  We were very much looking forward to these shows, but we promise we will be back in NYC in the next couple months.

Thank you all for your support, see you in Indianapolis and Columbus!

-Peter, Trevor, Greg, and Devin



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